Dog Vulvar Dermatitis Home Remedies and Supplements

Dog Vulvar Dermatitis Home Remedies and Supplements

If you have noticed that your dog has any vaginal discharge or is constantly licking her genital area, she may be suffering from vulvar dermatitis.

Vulvar dermatitis is a common condition in female dogs, occurring in spayed or neutered bitches of any age or breed, and its main manifestation is a purulent, mucoid or mucopurulent vaginal discharge.

In this post, we will tell you what vulvar dermatitis in dogs is, what causes it and what remedies and supplements you can use.

What is dog vulvar dermatitis?

Vulvar dermatitis is a disease, which consists of inflammation of the vagina causing irritation in the area, discharge, lesions or inflamed and infected ulcers around the lips of the vulva. This condition is very itchy and the dog often licks the affected area compulsively.

Causes of dog vulvar dermatitis

Vulvar dermatitis in dogs is mainly caused by the yeast malassezia, a pathogen that coexists peacefully in this area, but which, due to allergies and immune pathologies, can proliferate more than necessary causing erythema, skin folds, bad odor, seborrhea and peeling.

It can also occur due to feces or urine that are dragged into the affected organ; among other causes it is possible to list lesions in the vagina or abscess formation. Additional causes may also be:

  • Urinary tract infection, either in viral or bacterial form
  • Zinc intoxication
  • Other problems related to urination

Female dogs suffer from two types: juvenile (puppy) vaginitis and adult-onset vaginitis.

Juvenile vaginitis occurs before puberty and may appear at two to three months of age in the form of copious purulent vaginal discharge. Whereas vulvar dermatitis in adult dogs may be caused by congenital, acquired structural disorders or urinary tract disorders.

It can also occur for different reasons as a consequence of other much more serious diseases such as vaginal cancer or infections affecting the genital area.

It may also be due to injury to the vaginal wall by a foreign body.

Treatments to prevent vulvar dermatitis in dogs

If you suspect vulvar dermatitis in your dog, it is essential that you go to your veterinarian, who will start by asking for a complete medical history of your dog.

He will also perform a urinalysis and a complete blood count and if necessary take X-rays of the abdomen, to exclude the presence of tumors or foreign objects.

In treating vulvar dermatitis in adulthood, the veterinarian will administer appropriate antibiotics for about 10-15 days or the application of vaginal douches.

Since this disease is usually a secondary problem, the vet should find out what is the primary cause of the problem and treat the vulvar dermatitis.

Probiotics Guard Dog

The main purpose of probiotics is to eliminate from the dog's body all pathologies that could endanger its health.

Probiotics have been shown to have good effects in preventing vaginitis in dogs. They are healthy bacteria that can help in preventing the proliferation of bad bacteria.

You can give him some plain unsweetened yogurt or, if you can make bulgur milk, that's even better.

You can also use supplements and add them to his daily food such as Guard Dog, a veterinary recommended probiotic with Bacillus coagulus and Bacillus subtilius strains. Helping to prevent urinary tract infections and reduce allergic reactions.

Home remedies can help prevent recurrence of symptoms

Home remedies for dog vulvar dermatitis usually involve keeping the area clean and dry, which will prevent fungus from forming around the vagina.

It is necessary to serve two purposes, to kill the bacteria causing the infection and to reduce inflammation.

There are homeopathic solutions to kill the bacteria, such as tea tree essential oil which has antiseptic and antibacterial properties.

To prepare it, dilute 1 teaspoon in 1 cup of water and apply externally to the affected area.

Echinacea is another recommended option as it is widely regarded as a safe supplement that stimulates the immune system and can be very useful in the treatment of bacterial infections.

How to prevent vulvar dermatitis in puppies

  • In the case of puppies, it is necessary to clean the area at least twice a day, either with baby wipes or a warm washcloth with diluted puppy shampoo and rinse thoroughly.
  • Reduce your puppy's exposure to toxins, chemicals and pesticides, and keep her sheets and bed clean.
  • Usually do not require treatment because the condition usually resolves with the first heat, when the dog reaches puberty.

How to prevent vulvar dermatitis in adult dogs

  • It is necessary to maintain a healthy diet for your dog and keep him at an appropriate weight, as obese dogs can develop more vulvar folds, where bacteria can lodge.
  • Keep the coat down around the genitalia.
  • In cases of bacterial infections and urinary tract infections, antibiotic therapy may be necessary to adequately treat the disease.