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How Fulvic And Humic Acids Aid In Canine Immunity

How Fulvic And Humic Acids Aid In Canine Immunity 


Some people may find it strange to say that soil is good for humans and dogs to eat. That’s right! Eastern medicine has been using dirt, or a remedy called shilajit, as a way to boost immunity and health for thousands of years. One of the biggest reasons dirt has so many health benefits is thanks to the powerful soil-based duo, humic and fulvic acid. 

Humic and fulvic acid benefits the body in multiple ways and has recently gained some public attention for the treatment of wounds, joint pain relief and overall immunity, digestion and gut health. Providing your dog with a supplement such as Northern Cascade’s, Safe Guard, will certainly aid your canine companion in more ways than one. 

Fulvic and humic acid aid the body in many ways: 


  • Increased nutrient absorption        - Regulate immune cells 
  • Reduce inflammation                       - Increased wound healing 
  • Pre- and probiotic properties          - Destroys glyphosate 
  • Good antioxidant                              - Improved cellular receptivity 
  • Strengthens gut microbiome          - Increased energy levels in older dogs

What Are Fulvic And Humic Acids? 

Both fulvic and humic acids are derived from soils that are rich in decomposed organic matter. There is no way to replicate these ingredients in a lab because Mother Nature and her processes must be involved for them to form properly. There is also no guarantee on the amount of fulvic and humic acids in dirt as our soil composition changes so much, which is why using Safe Guard makes everything easier. 

Unfortunately, with all of the pesticides and other weed killers that we use for farming, we are depleting the concentrations of healthy soil-based compounds such as our friends, fulvic and humic acid. 

Fulvic Acid 

Fulvic acid is a by-product of organic material that has been decomposed in the Earth’s soil. It’s high antioxidant properties are a natural source of pre- and probiotics that also improve brain health. Not only does fulvic acid have excellent anti-inflammatory effects but it is also a big booster of the body’s immune response. It’s ability to reduce the release of pro-inflammatory cells and histamines can improve conditions like asthma, atopic dermatitis and other allergic reactions. 

By inhibiting the inflammatory effect of cytokines, fulvic acid also helps reduce the risk of hypertension and can lead to better cardiovascular function in general. Fulvic acid also has shown improvements with skin conditions like allergies and eczema (atopic dermatitis). Thanks to its increased nutrient absorption, it allows for a deeper penetration of the healthy nutrients that our skin needs to stay happy. 

Fulvic acid pairs well with a probiotic and when used as a complete supplement, like Safe Guard, it can greatly improve the overall gut flora and health of the gastrointestinal tract. This increased nutrient absorption can help to reduce or resolve some inflammatory issues with the gut and stomach, such as inflammatory bowel disease and chronic diarrhea. 

Humic Acid 

Humification is the process by which humic acid is created. And much like fulvic acid, it is found in the decomposition of organic material. Humic substances are created when the living matter of dead remains are transformed by the Earth’s natural and microbial compounds. 

Humic acid can greatly benefit the body’s immune system by having a profound and strengthening effect on the guts microbiome. Gut health has a lot of do with the body’s immunity and when the stomach is not doing well, you can expect to see a drop in overall immune health and strength. This is another reason why humic acid is a great addition to a probiotic for our dogs. 

Safe Guard includes both fulvic and humic acids, which is why it is the clear choice when looking for a well rounded supplement for your dog. The added boost to the stomach’s health and efficiency is a large reason why the immune system benefits greatly from this powerful soil-based duo. 

How Safe Guard Can Boost The Canine Immune System 

Did you know that about 80% of canine immunity starts in the gut. This is because good gut bacteria is a huge part of our dog’s health. As a matter of fact, it is a reflection of the body’s overall health. If the stomach is not properly balanced, this could cause a drop in the immune system functionality, digestibility and the dog’s overall happiness. This is why using a supplement, like Safe Guard, that pairs fulvic and humic acids along with their soil-based probiotic is the best bet for your four-legged friend. 

How Fulvic And Humic Acid Work With The Immune System

Fulvic and humic acid work well together or make multiple beneficial changes to the body’s functionality and overall immune health. As a team they are excellent at balancing the gastrointestinal tract’s microbiome, removing harmful toxins and pollutants and aiding in nutrient absorption. Combined, the two make an impressive team of immune boosting and antibody producing compounds. 

Modulating Cellular Immunity 

Fulvic acid is helpful for immune support because it aids in modulating the canine immune system. It does this by regulating the quantity of helper and killer T-cells there are in the body. These immune cells are extremely important as they help to defend the body against disease and illness. It is crucial that the body doesn’t produce too many of these cells because that is when unwanted inflammation and problems like joint disease can come in. 

Studies have even shown that fulvic and humic acids aid in the production of antibodies, which also helps your dog’s immune system to fight off potential illness and disease. 

Killing Pesky Glyphosates 

Humic acid is excellent at removing toxins from the body, such as glyphosate. This dangerous compound is used to kill a lot of things like weeds, insects, bacteria and fungi. Glyphosate can destroy healthy bacteria within our dog’s stomachs when they ingest food with this substance on it. This disruption in the gut microbiome can cause a world of issues like E-coli build up and diarrhea. Thankfully, that’s where Humic Acid comes in. Humic acid will bind to glyphosate and destroy it before it can reach the healthy bacteria in the gut. 

Not only does this powerhouse, soil-based duo modulate the immune system and kill glyphosate, but they are also providers of additional nutritional support. 

Improves Nutrient Absorption 

Both fulvic and humic acid aid in nutrient absorption, while also containing difficult to obtain trace minerals, amino acids and enzymes that the body otherwise wouldn’t receive through a normal diet. Because more nutrients are being brought to the body’s cells, your dog is better able to gather the energy and balance they need for a stronger immune system. As they grow older, this becomes more and more important because the body requires more energy to defend against cell aging and damage. 

Safe Guard Brings A Powerful Pair To Canine Immune Support 

Some people may make the joke about just letting your dog eat dirt to receive the benefits of a soil-based probiotic with fulvic and humic acids. Well, while this is somewhat true, you will certainly reap much more of a benefit if you give a daily supplement like Safe Guard. You are guaranteeing your dog is receiving an appropriate dose and amount of the beneficial probiotics, vitamins and minerals that you can find in the Earth’s soil. 

Finding a supplement that is truly soil-based and includes both fulvic and humic acid, can be tricky. Which is why choosing Northern Cascade’s Safe Guard is always the best option for a well-balanced and beneficial supplement. No matter if you’re looking for a probiotic or just a general supplement for good health, you can’t go wrong when it comes to Safe Guard.