The Benefits of Diatomaceous Earth for Dogs

The Benefits of Diatomaceous Earth In Dogs

The Benefits of Diatomaceous Earth In Dogs 


Throughout science and the years of researching medicine, we have discovered many helpful organisms that can aid our bodies in health and homeostasis. Diatomaceous Earth is a holistic option that many pet owners are finding to be beneficial. But what is Diatomaceous Earth and what does it do? How can it benefit dogs? Does it come in a supplement form? All of those questions will be answered as we dive into the many health benefits and uses of Diatomaceous Earth. 

Diatomaceous Earth - What Is It? 


This curious substance is one that is derived from fossilized aquatic organisms called diatoms, which are an ancient, single-celled algae. The microscopic shells consist primarily of the mineral ‘silica’ which will accumulate in streams, lakes, rivers and oceans, where large silica deposits are formed and found. These fossilized skeletal remains are then ground into a fine, white powder which is given as a supplement. Under a microscope, the powder resembles fine shards of glass.


Diatomaceous Earth’s health benefits are derived from its high silica content. Not only that but these helpful little Diatoms packed with silica are rich in other vitamins and minerals like: 


  • Iron                             - Copper                     - Phosphorous 
  • Magnesium                - Zinc                          - Selenium     
  • Calcium                      - Potassium               - Sodium                    


There are two types of silica that can be produced from Diatomaceous Earth, amorphous silica and crystalline silica. One is meant for ingestion and one is not, so it is very important to know which is which! 


Amorphous silica - This is the non-toxic, food-grade Diatomaceous Earth that can be given as a supplement for people and animals as a way to control internal and external parasites, among other benefits. 


Crystalline silica - This form of Diatomaceous Earth is not meant for ingestion, but is rather used as an important cleaning and filtration process for cleaning pools. 

How Does Diatomaceous Earth Benefit My Dog? 


There are several health benefits to using Diatomaceous Earth with your canine companion. For many years, it has been used as a flea prevention as well as an oral dewormer. Diatomaceous Earth is also an excellent detoxifying agent as well as a great odor neutralizer. 

Dewormer And Flea Prevention 


While Diatomaceous Earth is commonly used for deworming or preventative purposes, there are several other health benefits that come along with using this powerful powder. Many avid users of Diatomaceous Earth will preach it’s antiparasitic properties. The National Pesticide Information Center (NPIC) states that it will fatally dehydrate the parasites, even though it is completely safe to use on pets and wildlife. Diatomaceous Earth will also keep away other pests from gardens and flower beds when sprinkled around them. 



Diatomaceous Earth is an excellent detoxifying agent and digestive aid cleanser. It is effective at absorbing many harmful substances like methyl mercury, endotoxins and viruses. Not to mention the effect it has against proteinaceous toxins from intestinal infections such as E-coli and other drug residues that can linger in the body. 

Odor Neutralizer 


Another benefit that comes from Diatomaceous Earth is its strong odor neutralizing abilities thanks to its powerful absorptive properties. If your dog or their bed is smelling particularly ripe that day, you can always sprinkle a little onto their coat or bed fabric and that should kick the funky smell. 

Safe Guard - A Powerful Supplement With Diatomaceous Earth And More 

There are many different types and brands of health supplements for dogs on the market. With so many options, it can be overwhelming trying to find one that you are comfortable with. That’s where Northern Cascades product, Safe Guard, comes in! This soil-based, probiotic supplement that includes many different body and mind-boosting ingredients such as our friend, Diatomaceous Earth, Fulvic and Humic Acid and so much more.

How Does Diatomaceous Earth Kill Parasites?


Wondering how Diatomaceous Earth works as an anti-parasitic? It’s a little different from the typical flea and tick preventions that your veterinarian would sell. Typically, most of those preventatives work by attacking the central nervous system of the parasite, while Diatomaceous Earth is more mechanical. 


With external parasites, the sharp, glass-like edges of the Diatomaceous Earth damages the parasite's exoskeleton, exposing their protective coating, where the insect’s water, oils and fats are then absorbed, resulting in death from dehydration. 


Diatomaceous Earth can be given orally as a dewormer against intestinal parasites. It is believed that it can treat and control intestinal infestations of adult roundworms, hookworms and whipworms. It however, does not work against parasite ova (eggs). The strength and efficacy of the Diatomaceous Earth is about 7 days, but to appropriately treat a known parasitic infection you need to give it for at least 30 days to prevent re-infestation. 

How Diatomaceous Earth Can Double As A Joint Supplement 

Not only does Diatomaceous Earth have beneficial properties with skin and intestinal support, but it also is an excellent joint supplement. It includes ingredients such as calcium, sodium, gallium, magnesium and titanium dioxide which are known to improve overall bone and ligament health, while also relieving joint pain. 

Not only does it do that, but Diatomaceous Earth can also help to protect your dog’s teeth, nails and skin. 

The Powers Of A Soil-Based Probiotic With Diatomaceous Earth Combined 


Diatomaceous Earth greatly benefits your dog's body by working together with Safe Guard’s other important ingredients. It combines its effects with the supplement's soil-based probiotics to create a healthier overall gastrointestinal tract. The powerful powder will detoxify the body by pulling bacteria, toxins, viruses and more, creating a more ideal environment for healthy digestion. Not only does it detoxify but it will help remove the bad bacteria from the gut, reducing instances of inflammatory bowel, bloating, constipation and diarrhea. 

Safe Guard An Easy To Give Dose Of Diatomaceous Earth


When it comes to giving your dog supplements, Safe Guard makes it easy. All you have to do is give your dog a chewable treat daily and that’s that! No worrying about dosages or giving your pet the wrong thing, your dog has exactly what they need in one safe and simple chewable. 


Diatomaceous Earth is one of those ingredients that needs to be given appropriately and it does matter! While there are many supplements and vitamins where there is minimal complication or risk of overdose, when Diatomaceous Earth is given orally, you can do damage if you are giving your dog the incorrect amount. 


With topical administration, the dosage is not as important. You cannot overdose your pet when applying it to their coat, but you can cause excessive itching and skin dryness. 

Considerations And Guidelines For Giving Diatomaceous Earth To Dogs 


One of the most important aspects about giving your dog Diatomaceous Earth is making sure that you are using the Food-Grade supplement. The other version is meant for cleaning pools and is indeed toxic to your pet if ingested. Also, always ensure that you are giving your dog a supplement, such as Safe Guard, that is meant specifically for canines. Human grade Diatomaceous Earth is not dosed appropriately for dog administration. 


Because Diatomaceous Earth has such powerful adsorptive properties, it is likely that if you overuse it you can dry out your dog’s skin when applying topically. Remember that it draws out oils and moisture so it only makes sense that this is a common side effect. 


Do not aerosolize or inhale Diatomaceous Earth because it can cause a lot of inflammation and irritation to yours and your dog’s lungs. 


Lastly, as a basic rule of thumb, you should always discuss a new supplement with your veterinarian before giving it. While it is unlikely that they will completely disregard its use, many vets worry about recommending it. The risks associated with misuse can greatly outweigh the benefits if the owner is not giving it appropriately. 

Incorporating Diatomaceous Earth As A Supplement With Safe Guard 


Safe Guard is an excellent way for your dog to receive all of the multiple health benefits from Diatomaceous Earth in a tasty and easy to administer treat supplement. This product can provide an improved state of health and happiness to your canine companion. You can start incorporating Safe Guard’s beneficial supplement today to give your dog the added benefits to live a long and healthy life!